What it takes to be great producer

03 Jun 2019

Rémy Martin sat down with acclaimed songwriter, award-winning artist, actor and producer, Riky Rick, who shared his thoughts on what makes a successful producer in the music industry.

Riky Rick insists that a good producer is someone who is honest with themselves, and has an understanding of who they are as an artist.

He says, “Anyone can follow a trend. Don’t make the mistake of seeing what is already out in the world and trying to sound like somebody else. Be a trend-setter, be unique, find your sound and create an identity within the industry.”

“It is the music that is created by artists who know themselves and follow their intuition, rather than trends, that lasts forever.”

He also encourages new talent to practice every single day, and not let rejection stop them from achieving their goals.

He says, “Look at music like a sport. You produce music using muscle memory, so the more time you spend doing it, the better you will get”.

 Riky Rick is mindful of the many great submissions that Rémy Producers is going to receive, but he says, “The one that wins will be something that stands out; a beat that contains something special that sets it apart from the rest,” he concludes.

Watch the full video below:

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